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Growing up on farms, I was always surrounded by our trusty farm dog, who I loved to pieces. I used to train her to jump over small hay bales and to sit and stay and 'geddinbehind' and all this at the tender age of 11 years old.

More recently I have been the owner of a retired greyhound (see Greyhounds as Pets) and am currently 'in between' dogs until such time as I can commit to the time of owning one. Meantime, I LOVE being surrounded by dogs when I can, and it makes me full of warm fuzzies being able to capture them on camera and spend hours looking over, and perfecting, the final images on the computer. 

You have no doubt seen my images and thought you NEED photos like this of your own dog. Simply get in touch with me and we can make it happen! Download a step-by-step guide on what to expect from first point of contact, right up until delivery of your final images.

Pet photography pricing

I believe the best way to display photographs is in a printed form. Whilst I offer digital files, which have the convenience of online sharing, nothing beats having a large printed image that you can view on your wall, or pick up from your coffee table.

As quoted by Joel Satore, a National Geographic photographer: "The only way to make sure an image will be seen by future generations is to put it in a format that doesn't require a machine to read it.” It is this statement that has me so excited to offer high quality, long-lasting tangible images. I offer premium quality albums, framed prints and canvases from a professional lab to last a lifetime and beyond. 

Full session - $495

Let's get together for an hour or so and take a series of photos of your pet/s. We can meet at a location that's meaningful to you, or I can suggest some spots around New Plymouth if you are open to something a little different.

You will be able to access the photos via an online gallery and select up to 10 of your favourite images. If you simply can't choose, then for just $150 extra you can buy the whole lot - easy!

A non-refundable deposit of $200 is required in order to secure your booking and will need to be paid as soon as our diaries coincide. 

Price covers one pet. Extra pets are an additional $50.

Pet portrait - $180

"I just want one good photo of my pet!"

I hear this a lot, and so am excited to offer a package just for you! Let's meet up at your favourite spot (or I can suggest some goodies) and aim to take that one gorgeous photo of your pet to print large and hang with pride in your home.

You will select your preferred photo and receive:
- one large 16x24 inch print
- five 6x4 inch prints
- small digital file to share online

This is ideal for up to three dogs/pets. 

Heirloom products

USB with 10 images in high resolution - $495
All images - $645

10 Matted prints 8x12 in presentation box - $450

Queensberry album 20 pages - $550

Framed and canvas images
$300 - small 8"x12"
$400 - medium 12"x18"
$500 - large 16"x24"
$950 - set of four small frames


Yes! Yes! Yes! Most of my sessions are done with the dog almost entirely on lead the whole time. With the magic of Photoshop I will make it disappear for the final image. So depending on the location and you and your dog’s training levels, it can be done either on or off lead.

Following our photoshoot I will have between 15-30 images uploaded to an online gallery from which you can choose your 10 favourites (or buy them all!)

Please allow up to two weeks for me to fine-tune each image and have them ready to present back to you.

Drop me a line! If you are looking to book a photo session, please either email or phone me anytime. I am available on certain days of the week and also on weekends, so we can negotiate a time by phone.

Whilst this is not compulsory, it most certainly is recommended. These photos will showcase your dog at his/her best and will last a lifetime, so you don't want bits of dirt hanging off him and hair going in all directions. I can recommend groomers in New Plymouth if you do not already have a regular.

Unfortunately this is not a service I currently offer. After the photo shoot you will be able to select up to ten photos which are included in the purchase price. 

The light is best early morning, or leading up to sunset. Therefore I do not encourage midday sessions as a rule. I am available on certain days of the week, evenings and on weekends. Please email me your number or phone me to negotiate a time.

Yep. I have CCH syndrome (Crooked Camera Holder) and this necessitates that I have to open up and straighten every single photo. While I am there, I will do minor retouches, so rest assured that that piece of fluff that landed on your dog’s ear will not be seen. I will also remove that fly on his bum, the bird poo he almost stood in and the branch sticking out of his ears in that very quick, no-time-to-recompose-image! However, I will not take 10kg off his weight, because I do like to keep it real (and it’s those snugly bits you love about him right?).

I am very flexible and happy to reschedule. Due to the limited locations where dogs are allowed indoors, it is better to reschedule to a better day than limit ourselves to an enclosed area and get fewer photos.

Yes I can. Please contact me for a chat and pricing options for pets that do not have much time left with you.


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