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Yay! You have finally found your ideal wedding photographer! If your wedding is just a little bit out of the ordinary, then we are a great fit. It may be that you will be wearing a green wedding dress. Or getting married in the back yard. Your husband-to-be is probably going to be wearing his best gumboots on the day.

You may just be a little bit quirky like myself. Or a lot quirky. Also like myself. You might still be following the traditional order of events, or you might just be wanting a quick registry style wedding and having a few photos done afterwards.

Basically, you just want a photographer to capture all the good bits. Whatever your situation, if it's just a little bit out of the ordinary, I'm the one for you! 

Download a step-by-step guide on what to expect from first point of contact, right up until delivery of your final images.

New Plymouth Wedding Photographer Taranaki

Wedding photography pricing

Have a look at the packages I offer and select the one that best suits you. Then contact me to check if I am available that day and we can meet up and have a chat to see if we are a good match! Once you are happy to go ahead, I will require a non-refundable deposit of $500 which will guarantee your booking.


Elopement or Small Wedding
1 hour coverage (ceremony, portraits)
One location
Group shot of guests
Portraits of couple only
High resolution images

Just The Basics
2 hours coverage (ceremony, portraits)
One location
Group shot of guests
Portraits of couple and bridal party
High resolution images

The Essentials
3 hours coverage (preparation of bride, ceremony, portraits)
Up to two locations
Group shot of guests
Portraits of couple and bridal party, one hour minimum
High resolution images

A Bit of Everything
4 hour coverage (preparation of bride, ceremony, portraits, reception details, mock cake cutting)
Up to two locations
Group shot of guests
Portraits of couple and bridal party, one hour minimum
High resolution images

For each extra hour, simply add $400 up to a maximum of 8 hours total.

Add ons

Album 20 pages - $950
Album 40 pages - $1,400
Matted print 8x12 - $80
Frame/canvas small - $300
Frame/canvas medium - $400
Frame/canvas large - $500
Travel beyond Urenui, Whangamomona or Patea - POA


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New Plymouth Wedding Photographer Taranaki


Once you have decided you like the look of me and my work, we can have a quick get-together and go over your wedding day. If we agree that we are a perfect fit, and I am available that day, I will require a $500 non-refundable deposit to secure your booking. Then it is sit back, relax, or move onto the countless other things you then need to start organising.

Indeed we can. However bookings are confirmed once the non-refundable $500 deposit has been cleared in my account. I will always let you know if there is another person interested in your date (however I will never pretend there is, just to rush you into making a booking!).

1000 photos, now let’s think about this for a second. What are you going to do with 1000 photos?? Depending on the coverage you need, I will give you anywhere between 100 and 600 meaningful images

After your wedding, I will race home with excitement, download all the photos onto the computer, eat my Burgerfuel burger and fall into bed exhausted. The following day I will most likely spend with my family as it’s our one day all together. I might, however, just take a peek at my favourites of the day and become giddy all over again. Come Monday I begin the enormous task of culling out the blinky, blurry or boring photos and get down to business editing the brilliant ones. You will always receive a couple of photos during that first week, which you can share with your friends and family. However the fully done, beautifully finished end result will be delivered between three to four weeks following your wedding day.

Between us we will need to have a back-up plan of a suitable venue or two where we can still get a bunch of beautiful portraits, even if it is hosing down. You may already have this covered, else we can look at options together. This applies to the ceremony as well as portraits following.

Totally! However, consider having an ‘unplugged ceremony’, meaning you make it known to guests that cellphones and cameras are not allowed during the ceremony. Have a look here to know exactly what I mean.

I always like couples to commit at least one hour to portrait photographs following the ceremony. This is for the couple and the bridal party, so does not include the group and mingling shots after the ceremony.

Yes! It would please me no end to have you order some tangible photographs to display around your home. I offer high end professional products so you know they will last for years and on into the next generation.

If there is one, then yes I would love to. It helps me visualise and prepare, so I know where to be and where to stay clear of so as not to intrude too much!

Yes! I love getting around our beautiful country and grab every chance to do so. For travel outside of Taranaki I only ask that my travel and accommodation costs be covered. Easy!

There is nothing I would love more! I do however ask that credit be given to Antill Photography, or even better, why not share the small selection of photographs I will have posted on Facebook of your amazing day?

Absolutely. These can be a bit of a mission to pull together on the day, but so worth it and important for future generations to see as well. I will always do a group photo of everybody that was there, along with a series of family group photos as decided on by you well in advance (I can offer support here on the best combinations).

Yep. I have CCH syndrome (Crooked Camera Holder) and this necessitates that I have to open up and straighten every single photo. While I am there, I will do minor retouches, so rest assured that the pimple that appeared overnight will not appear in any photo. I will also remove that fly on your dress, the bird poo on the seat next to you and the branch sticking out of your best man’s ears in that very quick, no-time-to-recompose-image of you doing that CRAZY thing!

Hmmm, well how about you show them to me and we can have a chat about it. Normally the reason clients contact me is because they love my style and the gal behind the camera. So if those images are high contrast or dark n moody or have an overexposed feel, then we might simply not be the right fit for each other. However if you have seen some great new ideas and are open to me interpreting them, then sure thing! For example one bride wanted her husband-and-wife kissing moment taken with her guests showing behind them and I loved that idea.

As the photographer, I am the owner of the copyright. However this just means that I may use the images for competitions and promotional purposes. If you are wanting to do either of these you would need to get my written permission. In saying that, the photos are yours do print and share as you please, as long as it is for personal use.


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