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My family photoshoots are unrushed and relaxed. I have never-ending patience and a calm demeanour. Crying newborn? I will literally simply wait or go and find a blade of grass to tear into thin strips while you feed and calm him. Toddler that doesn’t want to co-operate and your promised list of toys is growing by the minute? I have a secret weapon that works almost without fail (contact me about this, even if you are just curious to know how I get kids to listen and have no intention of booking a photoshoot). Teenager refuses to smile? Oohoho, yes he will by the time I’m done making a fool of myself!

Many of my photos are of the looking-at-the-camera kind. I totally love the connection I feel to that person, looking directly into their eyes when holding their printed image. My sessions start off with grouped shots whilst everyone is feeling fresh and co-operative. We then move to different spots and do different combinations. There then comes a point where I won’t give guidance anymore, but simply let the family be themselves and take a load of casual shots. At the ordering session you will also find photos I have snuck in when you didn’t even realise I was doing it. Those gorgeous baby-over-the-shoulder shots, or dad-nuzzling-his-daughter photos. Download a step-by-step guide on what to expect from first point of contact, right up until delivery of your final images.

Portrait photography pricing

I believe the best way to display photographs is in a printed form. Whilst digitals have their place, and have the convenience of sharing online, nothing beats having a large printed image that you can view on your wall, or pick up from your coffee table.

As quoted by Joel Satore, a National Geographic photographer: "The only way to make sure an image will be seen by future generations is to put it in a format that doesn't require a machine to read it.” It is this statement that has me so excited to offer high quality, long-lasting tangible images. I offer premium quality albums, framed prints and canvases from a professional lab to last a lifetime and beyond.

Below you will see the products I currently have. However, by choosing one of the set packages, you can save up to $400!


The session fee is non-refundable and in order to secure your booking will need to be paid as soon as our diaries coincide! This fee includes coffee and our introductory meeting where we get to know each other, the one hour photography session, plus the ordering meeting where you get to oooh and aaah at the beautiful photos of that day!

This fee does not include any products, nor digital images. Pricing for these as below.

Session fee (up to six immediate family members) - $100
Extra family members - $25

Heirloom products

10 Matted prints 8x12 in presentation box - $700
Extra matted prints - $70 each
+ matching low resolution digital files

USB with 10 images in high resolution - $400
Extra images - $40 each

Framed and canvas images
Small 8"x12" - $300
+ matching low resolution digital file

Family Photos

Medium 12"x18" - $450
+ matching low resolution digital file

Large 16"x24" - $600
+ matching low resolution digital file

Set of four small frames - $950
+ matching low resolution digital files

Queensberry album 20 pages - $950
+ matching low resolution digital files


Set of four frames
Large frame/canvas
USB with 20 images in high resolution
$2900 (save $400!)

10 Matted Prints 8x12
Large frame/canvas
USB with 20 images in high resolution
$1850 (save $250!)

10 Matted Prints 8x12
Medium frame/canvas
Social media digitals of selected images
$1050 (save $100!)


Following our photoshoot I will have between 15-30 images to show you at the ordering session.

Please allow up to two weeks for me to fine-tune each image and have them ready to present back to you.

Drop me a line! If you are looking to book a photo session, please either email or phone me anytime. I am available on certain days of the week and also on weekends, so we can negotiate a time by phone.

I’m glad you asked! Please view the What To Wear Guide.

Unfortunately this is not a service I currently offer. Whilst I understand that the digital image is very popular and easy to share among friends and family, I am all about the tangible product to enjoy and share throughout future generations. However with each order you will receive a social media file of the image purchased.

The light is best early morning, or leading up to sunset. Therefore I do not encourage midday sessions as a rule. I am available on certain days of the week, evenings and on weekends. Please email me your number or phone me to negotiate a time.

Depending on your preferred location and/or the severity of the rain, we can easily reschedule to another day or simply take it indoors. I have a couple of spots where we can still get a variety of images if you are happy to go ahead.

Yep. I have CCH syndrome (Crooked Camera Holder) and this necessitates that I have to open up and straighten every single photo. While I am there, I will do minor retouches, so rest assured that the pimple that appeared overnight will not appear in any photo. I will also remove that fly on your dress, the bird poo on the seat next to you and the branch sticking out of your son’s ears in that very quick, no-time-to-recompose-image! However, I will not make you slimmer, remove wrinkles to excess or change your wardrobe.

Hmmm, this is the fun part. I have a few tricks up my sleeve to help with this. Firstly, I always do the posey group shots first up while everyone is looking and feeling fresh and co-operative. With the younger kids, things go downhill pretty fast after that. I simply ask that you listen to me during this time. This mostly means once in place, ignore the kids and parents look at me! Some parents build up a huge list of things that the child will get ‘for behaving’ once the session is over, but I can save you hundreds by letting me ‘have a go’. It is basically impossible to ask a pre-schooler to keep sitting in the right spot and smiling sweetly at me, so we take our time, we will ALL spend 10 minutes adoring a snail if that’s what has gotten her attention, then reel ‘em back in for another set of photos. Once the important group sets are done, I will simply allow everyone to relax and take a load of candid shots for the remainder of the session. Easy!


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